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As one of the earliest forerunners of Deluxe Log Cabins ,Interlocking Buildings, Holiday Park Accommodation, Sauna Log Cabins, Interlocking Log Cabins , Sectional Insulated Timber Buildings , Cabins , Log Cabins , Insulated Log Cabins, Timber Buildings,Dutch Barn Cabins,  Log Cabin Summer Houses Twin Skin Log Cabins , Wooden Log Cabins, wooden residential buildings, Scandinavian Cabins Manufacturers, Log Cabin Offices, Laminated Garden Cabins-Laminated Residential Cabins- and Suppliers throughout the U.K / Europe / America / Australia. We pride ourselves in retaining a highly respected personal relationship with all our clients and U.K. distributors that has been established for more than 12 years. We are able to offer many different thicknesses of log cabins. Our Log Cabins are available in 44mm / 70mm / 90mm /  44mm + 44mm / 70mm + 70mm  and 90mm + 90mm all manufactured from Hand Picked Quality Siberian Pine-Spruce.. We are the only company in the UK with graded Glulam Log Cabins available in 80mm-120mm-160mm-200mm and 240mm. All our Log Cabins are designed to last the test of time; we also make sure that all our purlins are the correct thickness for each and every cabin. is the first choice for 99.9% of the public. At factory cabins we are able to offer a great selection of Holiday Park Accommodation type style buildings, Twin Skin Glulam Logs, or a Fully Insulated Timber Frame Chalet, Caravan insulated Timber Frame Building styles, Mobile Homes-Park Homes and so very much more. Log Cabins LV is the leading light in the industry in design, manufacturing techniques, and absolutely amazing pricing. What I find incredible to understand is that so many people look at a website, see a price and buy. Please check out everything before you throw your money away , 19mm, 28mm and 35mm cabins are cheap, will not last more than 5 years, and you can be assured the windows and doors are rubbish, so do not let anyone tell you different.

Our New Range Of amazing Passive Timber Frame Buildings.


Assurance Guaranteed 

 With over 22 years experience of Timber Building, Log Cabin Manufacturing in the Baltic’s where you can be assured of top quality materials from certified sustainable forestry, producing logs that are sympathetically treated with the most sophisticated computerised technology, you can be assured of obtaining the very best from the best.

 Care and Pride

 Unlike many other manufacturers who produce cheap high volume log cabins, cabins, insulated log cabins, timber buildings, interlocking buildings, interlocking log cabins our versatile production teamwork very closely and patiently to produce buildings that, in effect, last a lifetime. Every one of our Log Cabins, Timber Buildings, Insulated Log Cabins, Twin Skin Log Cabins, Summer Houses, Gazebos, home offices cabins, we are also able to manufacture bespoke log cabins, timber frame cabins, laminated cabins and much , much more, our signature of excellence is machined into the very fibre of our high-quality timber buildings, log cabins, cabins, camping pods, laminated buildings. Please send us an email if you have any questions regarding any kind of timber build!

Where to find a Bespoke Quality Log Cabin.

if you are looking for a bespoke log cabin, then the only website to go to is www.logcabinslv.co.uk, here you will find not just a huge range of log cabin boxes, but also the largest range of windows and doors for them, and you can add them anywhere you want on the cabin body.

Welcome to our New and exciting range of Highly Insulated Modular buildings.

These amazing highly insulated Buildings are the first in the UK and  Ireland, and we have so many amazing, and extremely beautiful designs, and sizes, please send us all bespoke designs. All very much welcome.

Our New Highly Insulated 30 year plus guaranteed steal galvanised framed buildings can be either Garages, Multi plus Room Offices, Garden Rooms, Garden Spaces, Dance Studios, Meeting rooms, Secure and Insulated Tack Rooms, our 6m x 10m can be a cafe, shop, storeroom, meeting hall, many , many options, all double glazed, tilt and turn windows, they do not require an expensive concrete base.

Also, safe spaces for Children for say a Nursery School, Hair Dressing Saloons, Kiosks, Flower Vendors. The list is endless. So why are our Highly Insulated panel building so superior well its simple, these buildings will last 30 years plus, they come completely finished, and are supplied with everything you need to keep snug and warm in the winter and cool and chilled in the summer ( please speak to us regarding what other amazing add on we can offer, the most noticeable one is that people love us to fit security shutters, which are not obtrusive, and give you peace of mind at all time when your away.

Please follow the link below to find out how you can order.


Only available from Factory Cabins 2022-2023 –

Brand new to the market


So what can we say about these new and amazing Box Pods, well they are as you can see from small to large, however they are fully moveable, and they are also available in different sizes and lengths, U values and quality, which means they are designed to to fit your budget, just tell us what it is, and we can I am sure accommodate.

I designed these because I was fed up with people complaining about not being able to use large areas of the pod they had bough, for bunk beds, or shelves etc.So I went back to basics, now most companies, especially here in the Baltic’s, never think about one thing, Trucking, they just think, cash, money, be rich, nice car, expensive house and many Holidays, which is why I sacked so many UK dealers, as they had the same thought, money comes first, customer satisfaction comes way down the line.

So we try and do our best to give to the public, what they need, it’s hard, as as soon as most people step off the pane here in Vilnius they think, cheap, soviet, lots of savings, but what they should be thinking is quality workmanship, good timber, and a Brit who is looking after their investment, and who designs the future. This building and the others will be copied by everyone, as it takes genius like mind to manufacture and design a product that is easy to ship, easy to put together, and easy to keep clean, plus the top end version of this will easy pass Passive.

So Please Enjoy My New Design of Box Pods, and always remember that we can manufacturer these from many different materials.Meet your Budget and offer a Full Turn Key Solution.


To the Box Pods rANGE


2.4m x 4m Camping Pods

Your a business, and your looking for a high quality camping pod, the best in the industry, our innovations have been copied by all, Highly Insulated, Trada Certified windows and Doors, nothing better.
Only £6300 ex works Each.
3 fit on a truck on normal Artic.
Please Call Factory Cabins  +44 208 1335164

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2.4m x 4m Side Entrance Camping Pod

So what is there to say, this Pod is our design, copied by all, and it is with out doubt for the price, the best Pod in the world. This pod is so strong, so insulated, so perfect for the job, it wins medals in my book. The extension is an add on.

Only £7300 ex-works, 3 to a normal Truck.
Please call Factory Cabins +44 208 133 5164

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2.4 x 6.0m Grand Mother Camping Pods

Hi everyone, and welcome to the one and only Grand Mother of camping pods, she is 2.4m x 6.0 m and is just a super pod if you want to treat your guests to a very large space for just one single double bed, or we can if you ask cost for you a fully built in bathroom, we can add a Velux to the side, and do what ever you want to this amazing little GrandMother!So two of these fit on a normal Truck and selling at a crazy price of £7800 ex works

2.4m x 5.0m with side entrance Camping Pod


This amazing 2.4m x 5.0m with built in side entrance is with out doubt one the strongest little Pod we have, it has Bunk Beds, ( Please ask) and Double Bed, (please ask), so the whole family can do a spot of camping, If your a small part and want to get away from the check Rubbish that is flooding the market,  then this amazing little highly insulated Pod is 100%. At only £8500, its a give away. Please follow the link to see what could be the inside if you wish.

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2.4m x 6m The Grandad of Camping Pods

OK, this pod is so, so versatile, its crazy, we of course were the first to design and manufacturer this size, and side entrance, fully insulated , Multi Foil insulation that keeps this amazing Pod cool in the heat and snug in the winter.I am known for selling at factory prices, because honestly i dislike dealers and their greedy nature.,
So while the order books are only 1/3 full the price for this is only £8800 ex works. 2 fit on an Arctic Truck.

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It’s simple: if you’re looking for the best…
Factory Cabins Has It!

The Best Highly Insulated Panel Buildings
Timber Frame Housing
Passive Timber Frame Housing
Highly Insulated Camping Pods
Bespoke Log Cabins
Bespoke Highly Insulated panel Buildings
And so much more







Energy and Passion and to always Offer Excellence.

The Factory Cabin Way! 

Timber is, of course, the essential ingredient. And the Timber that we use is the best we can source from Northern Forests. And then it’s the attention to detail on all part of the production that makes all the difference. Please have a look through our galleries and at the different kinds of buildings we have manufactured over the past 21 years.




factory cabins windows and doors





It’s an open and shut case. Shoddy doors and dodgy windows, these are classic faults of inferior structures. “If you buy cheap, you get a leak. “As pioneers and industry leaders, we have made a point of studying the options when it comes to every aspect of the design and construction of our cabins. Our joinery timber is the best: low moisture content glulam timber which stops completely the twisting and leaking, also falling apart for windows and doors. It will not bend or twist in the winter months. The doors have amazing Hardware German, with 5-point locking system as standard on all our log cabins and three huge adjustable German manufactured hinges, so the door always stay where the door belongs. The windows have tilt-and-turn opening-inwards locking mechanisms.
They may cost more, but the quality of our windows and doors is second to none, and it’s better to pay a little more than pay twice.

Windows and Doors




If you are good at DIY and have the requisite skills, of course, you can erect your log cabin.

However, we have a team of experts with experience in installing all kinds of cabins in all sorts of situations.




                                                                                                THE PIONEERS OF LOG CABINS


We are the company that first coined the phrase Garden Office.Clock House, TwinSkin, we designed the twinskin system and brought it to market, we are actually the first to do most of what this market offers and stands for, we always bring new and exciting buildings to market, in what ever material.
We designed the original Clock House. We invented and manufactured the TwinSkin log cabin system. We introduced Tilt and Turn double-glazed windows.
We work to the Norwegian Build Standard TEK 17. This is a standard of building designed to handle the extreme weather of a Scandinavian winter.
We source our wood from the finest forests on the planet.





I had a dream. I wanted to source the best possible timber and manufacture log cabins to the highest possible specifications.

To achieve my dream, I left the UK and set up shop in Lithuania. For over 22 years, I have watched our business grow – and grow.

I have designed over 7000 different kinds of buildings

Timber Frame, Passive, Highly Insulated Camping Pods, Log Cabins

I wanted to experiment and innovate to discover the most efficient solutions.

I wanted to design and build the coolest structures imaginable.

I wanted to test and challenge the competition.

Today, Factory Cabins is synonymous with top quality timber frame buildings and sets the standard for the industry.


factory cabins, log cabins, gallery
factory cabins, log cabins, gallery
factory cabins, log cabins, gallery





Whether it’s a piece of land that would make an ideal site for ‘glamping’ – an idea to turn your back yard into a B&B – a simple retreat where you can make the most of your garden – a state of the art home office – whatever the dream, we can help make it happen.


If you come across a truly high spec Log Cabin or Log Cabin Office or a Log Cabin Garden Office, Interlocking Log Cabin. You may well find that it originates from www.factorycabins.com

If you ever come across a high-quality Euro Camping Pod or a Siberian Larch Log Cabin. Once again you will probably find they were made by www.factorycabins.com

With a wide expanse of Log cabin Lv Dealers and Partners actively marketing in the UK Ireland, Europe, Australia, America, the Lithuanian based Manufacturing Company is well and truly commanding a very strong position in the world market for log cabins, Siberian Larch Cabins, interlocking buildings, home offices, sectional buildings, gazebos handmade Scandinavian log cabins and truly market leading sectional timber frame buildings. This continuously successful growth that contradicts the present economic trend is down to two main reasons.  1) Kevin, who leads the organisation aggressively insists upon high quality at affordable rates. 

2) Continuous innovative new products that have been carefully researched have proved to be successful in terms of design and Eco-friendliness.

www.Factorycabins.com design team were the first to manufacturer The Clock house” range in the UK/ Europe and America This range has a wide spectrum of applications, from a modest Garden Log Cabin Summer House to a building that would be the envy of any large Commercial Reception/Office centre in any leisure complex.

Unlike other manufacturers, www.Factorycabins.com have a “range” of “ranges”. This makes for an immense choice that is probably quite unique covering numerous combinations of different types of Insulated Lag Cabin Offices, Insulated Residential Log Cabins, Scandinavian styled Log Cabins with traditional Round Logs in addition to interlocked squared off versions.

The other big Unique selling point of www.Factorycabins.com is because of the geographical location, the company has access to certain types of Timber that are virtually unavailable from anyone else in the UK, other than through the appointed Dealers and Partners.

Siberian Larch by nature grows in conditions that only the hardest and high density of wood can really survive. As a result, this superior timber is ideal for any external clad building that logcabins.lv takes full advantage of and sets it off internally with a subtle contrast of best slow grown Siberian Pine.

Larch is not an unfamiliar wood, but Siberian Larch is of a much higher quality than its European counterpart because of the above-mentioned geographical area of growth.

Much is said about the importance of saving energy, reducing carbon emissions and making for a better environment. Logcabins.lv once again have been in the forefront of being quick off the mark for “Passive Housing” as well as maximising energy efficiency with many new options that are readily available to add to existing ranges of Garden, Residential and Commercial Log Cabins.

Logcabins.lv unlike many of its competitors, who have opted to sell products by undercutting each other, has kept to the original strategy of maintaining high-quality products, that, albeit, cost more, work out much cheaper in the long run, simply because of the longevity of the final products with less maintenance and repair work needed.

It is very easy to see images and photos of buildings that create a perception of really being great at a fantastic low price that seems almost too good to be true. Generally speaking, in this particular industry, if it appears to be too good to be true. It probably is !

There is a corporate personality of passion and enthusiasm that runs through the whole of the manufacturing process within the Logcabin.lv regime.

Unlike the “Clock Watchers” that thwart the progress of industry, www.Factorycabins.com produce superb Insulated Garden Log Cabins, Offices and Residential Log Cabins with considerable care and expertise.

From forestation, kiln drying, milling, packaging and despatch to the point of delivery and installation, the complete process is a seamless flow of enthusiasm, care and consideration.

This great positive attitude flows through to all the carefully selected Dealers and Partners in the UK, who are constantly updated with all of the www.factorycabins.com production range. If you are considering becoming one of www.factorycabins.com Dealers, there are a number of hoops to go through and a good many boxes that need to be ticked. Like the quality of the wood, Kevin insists that the same quality is expected of his UK team.

Kevin’s leadership style threads through the heart of every one of his workforces. His zero tolerance attitudes towards absolute perfection in every aspect of the business are his forte.

This style and attitude creates a very unique company where normally one would expect an organisation doing a number of different things not very well. Here the opposite is noticeable. A wide spectrum of different products, a huge choice within each range. All of the highest quality.

To start with the “Clock house” range offering superb design features, boasts 15 types and sizes from the Clock house Garden Cabin that could serve as an excellent Summerhouse or Garden Office to the latest addition of the “Grand Clock house” 12mts. x 4mts. Aurora. A very spacious addition to any private or commercial environment. This incredible building has a true Wow factor, sporting three Dormer style roof extensions to the front elevation comprising unique triangular windows allowing maximum natural light to filter through. Two open aspects either side of substantial central covered living area. Besides the large rectangular long full length double windows at each end, the triangular windows design is seen again in each side dormer to complete the exquisite clean lines and perfect balance. There are two variations shown in the outer walls of the Clock house range. The horizontal outer walled version shows clean Siberian interlocked pine. This timber has been carefully selected and processed to ensure perfect moisture content and subsequently milled to the utmost precision by state-of-the-art machinery. The same applies to the vertical Siberian Larch outer walls where you will be hard pressed to even find anyone else having the manufacturing capabilities, or the correct machinery to successfully mill such dense hard wood that will last a lifetime without any protective coating. A sweeping statement, you might say, as many think that wood will rot over a period.

This is not the case with Siberian Larch. This timber was used as the main supporting structure for numerous Venetian buildings that are surrounded by water. This took place many hundreds of years ago and there has been no evidence of any rotting or degradation throughout this period of time. The roofing is available in superb shingles available in different designs and colours. The Katepal range of shingles is a range we recommend as a perfect compliment when it comes to quality and expertise within this specialty.

Extra care is taken in ensuring that when making a shingles application, good sturdy close boarding is used to ensure that any possible moisture that is absorbed by the wood gradually evaporates. The Roofing Shingles should be lined with an underlay membrane. Sandwiched between these two layers is the Eaves sheet and a metal drip trim. All of these are laid upon the close boarding which sits upon the roof beams that house the ventilation area which would include the insulation material.

The main advantage of shingles compared with plastic coated or sheet metal roofing or even tiles are; Much easier and safer to install without the need of any special tools. It’s pliable and therefore easier to shape. It is 100% Waterproof. It is silent to work with.

The variables enable shingles to integrate nicely with the landscape. Roof shingles and roof deck boarding improve thermal and sound insulation and make your roof safe and durable and aesthetically pleasing. Katepal has HQ in Finland and have a distribution facility in the UK. The Aurora Clock house range has come into its own as an example of superb craftmanship at its very best.

Turning to the TF range, there are 13 beautiful Garden Cabins, Garden Offices within the TF range. These have been meticulously designed and built with superior Siberian Pine. Note the shady long overhang as part of the design feature that exists throughout this range. The flooring is built with superior 28mm tongue and groove pine. This provides much greater strength and stability for heavy objects as well as ensuring that there is a much more solid feel without any springiness. Walls are made of 34mm pine with options for thicker walls for larger cabins. The internal roofing area is 19mm tongue and groove pine that always looks great with a very pleasing visual aspect of spaciousness.

The “Melksham 44” and the ”Calne 42” are worthy of a mention here. The “Melksham 44” is a Garage that provides a great deal of natural light as well as keeping your vehicle nice and dry. A very stylish Garage that is a great improvement to the standard bricks and mortar rectangular type building. As well as a Garage this building could be used for storage of large items, agricultural machinery, Garden equipment, Engineering equipment etc. With traditional sturdy Garage doors available with top security locking devices, you can be assured that whatever is stored will be safe and dry.

The “Calne 42” is particularly attractive in that it provides some outside area of leisurely relaxation yet still being undercover. Access to the internal section is by way of the open aspect that also comprises of two long double-glazed windows to the front elevation.

These and other cabins are available with thicker walls if required and also double walls, each of the same thickness known as “Twinskin”. Logcabins.lv have been marketing the “Twinskin” versions in the UK for some time now and are considered to be one of the most experienced manufacturers offering this new concept in the UK.

Besides the variable wall thicknesses there is also the option of insulation to the walls and above the ceiling. Combining the two makes for an extremely energy efficient building which will also be very comfortable and cosy even in the cold depths of winter.

Modern research and technology has done wonders for more efficient and effective insulation. Here is some useful information provided by the U.S.Department of Energy.

Blanket (Batt and Roll) Insulation

Blanket insulation—the most common and widely available type of insulation—comes in the form of batts or rolls. It consists of flexible fibres, most commonly fibreglass. You also can find batts and rolls made from mineral (rock and slag) wool, plastic fibres, and natural fibres, such as cotton and sheep’s wool.

Batts and rolls are available in widths suited to standard spacing of wall studs, and attic or floor joists. Continuous rolls can be hand-cut and trimmed to fit. They are available with or without facings. Manufacturers often attach a facing (such as kraft paper, foil-kraft paper, or vinyl) to act as a vapor barrier and/or air barrier. Batts with a special flame-resistant facing are available in various widths for basement walls where the insulation will be left exposed. A facing also helps facilitate fastening during installation. .

Standard fibreglass blankets and batts have a thermal resistance or R-values between R-2.9 and R-3.8 per inch of thickness. High-performance (medium-density and high-density) fibreglass blankets and batts have R-values between R-3.7 and R-4.3 per inch of thickness.

For more information on energy saving that www.factorycabins.com recommend. Go to www.energysavers.gov

With 23 chunkier styled Garden Log Cabins in the Log Cabin Euro range, you are sure to find what you are looking for if you wish to take your garden to the next level. Take a special look at the exceptional 2 storey Saxmundham 195 Log Cabin. Here the practical options are numerous. The outside walls of all the Log Cabins are made of Siberian Pine. So that you are more fully aware of the advantages of Siberian Pine compared to other pine. Here is an extract from Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia Siberian Pine Pinus sibirica Conservation status

Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Division: Pinophyta Class: Pinopsida Order: Pinales Family: Pinaceae Genus: Pinus Subgenus: Strobus Species: P. sibirica Binomial name: Pinus sibirica

The Siberian Pine, Pinus sibirica, in the family Pinaceae is a species of pine tree that occurs in Siberia from 58°E in the Ural Mountains east to 126°E in the Stanovoy Range in southern Sakha Republic, and from Igarka at 68°N in the lower Yenisei valley, south to 45°N in central Mongolia.

Distribution In the north of its range, it grows at low altitudes, typically 100–200 m, whereas further south, it is a mountain tree, growing at 1,000-2,400 m altitude. It often reaches the alpine tree line in this area. The mature size is up to 30–40 m height, and 1.5 m trunk diameter. Its maximum lifetime is 800–850 years.


Pinus sibirica is a member of the white pine group, Pinus subgenus Strobus, and like all members of that group, the leaves (‘needles’) are in fascicles (bundles) of five, with a deciduous sheath. They are 5–10 cm long. Siberian Pine cones are 5–9 cm long. The 9–12 mm long seeds have only a vestigial wing and are dispersed by Spotted Nutcrackers.

Siberian Pine is treated as a variety or subspecies of the very similar Swiss Pine (Pinus cembra) by some botanists. It differs in having slightly larger cones, and needles with three resin canals instead of two in Swiss Pine.

Like other European and Asian white pines, Siberian Pine is very resistant to White Pine Blister Rust (Cronartium ribicola). This fungal disease was accidentally introduced from Europe into North America, where it has caused severe mortality in the American native white pines in many areas, notably the closely related Whitebark Pine. Siberian Pine is of great value for research into hybridisation and genetic modification to develop rust resistance in these species.

Cultivation Siberian Pine, Pinus sibirica, is a popular ornamental tree in parks and large gardens where the climate is cold, such as central Canada, giving steady though not fast growth on a wide range of sites. It is very tolerant of severe winter cold, hardy down to at least –60 °C, and of wind exposure. With such resistance to such extreme temperatures one can quite understand why it is such a good quality timber for these Log Cabins ensuring extra-long-life term without any form of rotting or degradation if the correct protective coating is used.

One of the recommendations for such protection is a product called Butinox. This product is micro-porous. Micro-porous paint acts the same way as “Gortex” does in clothing. It allows the molecules of air to pass through but does not allow the larger molecules of water. Thus waterproof but breathable. With such a paint on wood you can be assured that you will get full protection without any further top up coating for at least 3 years. There are a number of colours to choose from as well as types of finishes, i.e. matt, silk or gloss.
Butinox is available in quantities of 3 Litres or 10 Litres. To give you an idea of how much is required for any particular cabin. 10Litres will give good coverage of a surface area of 120sq.metres. If we pro-rata that we have a scale of usage as follows; – 3 Lts. will cover 36 sq.mts
6 Lts. will cover 72 sq.mts
9 Lts. will cover 108 sq. mts.
10 Lts. will cover 120 sq.mts.

These are approximate ratios depending on wood absorbency and amount used based upon a single coat. Prices vary from one supplier to another but 10Lts is anything from £200 – £250. Compared with many other cheaper paints this may sound expensive but if you buy a high-quality vehicle, why put on a cheap set of tyres? The same applies to high quality Log Cabins, particularly if they are residential and you are going to live in one. Well worth the extra money. Please remember the cheaper ones often need repainting every year. It works out more economic in the long run with less bother of maintenance.

There are 32 Garden Log Cabins and Garden Offices in the DF range. Many of them have tilt and turn double glazed windows, French doors, and some with additional self-contained areas with separate access. Look at the Teignmouth, Hadleigh, Todmorden, Southwold and the Bourne Log Cabins. Each of them provides an additional 1.5mts x 2.5mts of additional space to the side by way of a small extension. Ideal for storage of Garden implements and tools etc. Or you may want to use the extension for something more exotic, such as a Sauna. These can also be modified to use as Garden Offices with the extension for storage of stationery and other items, knowing that they will always be kept nice and dry. Here is another range providing opportunities for more practical solutions to overcome over crowdedness within the home with the possibility of extending one’s leisure or working activities within one’s own garden.

All www.factorycabins.com Garden Log Cabins and Garden Offices can be insulated to provide comfort throughout the year. Insulated Garden Log Cabins and Insulated Garden Offices are fast becoming the more sensible and economic way forward as opposed to commuting and renting.

There is something rather special about the www.factorycabins.com Interlocking Log Cabin Garages. There are ten to choose from in the range and each one provides something a little different in terms of design and capabilities. The clean lines and exceptional attention to deal makes for a type of Garage that will nestle beautifully within the environment of many a home. Take a look at the “Dartmouth 163”, an interlocking Log Cabin Garage with a Dormer style window in the roof providing additional space above.

The Log Cabins ES range comprises 14 different styles. Again, we experience superb “out of the box” thinking design features. For example, take a look at the Log Cabin “Ilminster 159” offering a lovely external area under cover with open access each side together with a smaller enclosed area for storage or preparation area.

The Log Cabin “Glastonbury 083” with its “Dutch Barn” type styling, once again, provides something a little different, yet most inviting.

Residential Log Cabins from Logcabins.lv all undergo rigorous quality control tests to ensure that if you decide to live in one you can be assured of a very comfortable and stress free existence. The Residential Log cabins have a number of different options, many of which are standard, to include tilt and turn double glazed windows, fully insulated underfloor, walls and roofing. Take a look at the description to find out which suits you most by way of number of bedrooms etc. There are 39 to choose from of different shapes and sizes. Most of the Residential Log Cabins are single storey and can also be converted to mobile units by fitting them upon a chassis. If you are looking to having a residential log cabin built on some land of your own, you would be wise to seek planning permission before going through the process of ordering and installing.
District and local councils vary their criteria to a certain extend in the U.K. depending upon the aesthetic quality of the local environment. The coastal areas also have another important criteria to satisfy, and that is a safeguard relating to flooding. Here the Environmental Agency generally makes recommendations of criteria that needs to be met. Such criteria are fed to District Councils who generally fall in line with such recommendations for the benefit of everyone’s safety.
Planning permission can be applied for even before any land is purchased. In fact, you can apply for planning permission for land that is currently owned by someone else and if given, you could subsequently make an offer to purchase.
Many District Councils offer a “Pre-application” arrangement, whereby a fee is paid to the District Council for you to try and ascertain the necessary criteria required for you to obtain planning permission for a piece of land that you may be interested in. In these circumstances you can get involved with a dialogue with the Planning Dept. and in some cases the Planning Officer who would be making the final decision upon such matters.
Three outcomes arise from this arrangement.

Firstly if you get a response that is definitely a “No No”, you will be given the reasons why and at least time has not been wasted because that knowledge will be useful towards any other application that you decide to make in the future.

The second outcome could be that your application may require modifying in some way or another to render the proper application acceptable. Once such modifications have been agreed upon, when you finally make the formal application, your chances of success will be much greater given that you have asked all the necessary questions and you have ticked all the necessary boxes that keep the District Council happy.

The Third outcome is the easiest one, where you receive a glowing yes because you have already satisfied all the criteria without any concerns, or you have decided to build something that may not even require planning permission.

The Pre-application process generally gives you three months of dialogue. Certainly, sufficient time for both parties to hammer home any idiosyncrasies and any queries that need to be covered. When the formal application takes place, District Councils generally must make a decision within 6 weeks. Here you can understand why several applications are declined due to insufficient information given, due to the shorter time span that the District Councils have to adhere to.

Whatever your project, it is always wiser to ask the question rather than make any assumptions. Worse still to go ahead without consideration, which could end up having your dream house having to be taken down and/or removed.

On a more positive note there are three areas that District Councils generally support and if you tick these boxes then you could be well on the way to achieving a more successful outcome. 1) Environmental issues Will the structure become a blot on the landscape or will it enhance the Environment? Will the structure cause alarm or resistance to neighbours? Here consideration towards others is of paramount importance and if you are able to show that there will either be an improvement to the existing landscape or certainly nothing to cause any reason for complaint then such positive points need to be put forward in the application.

2) Economic issues by building a structure, will the outcome create more jobs locally? Will it create additional work for existing businesses in the locality? Here, on a commercial front, you may be building log Cabin styled Hotel or Classroom, or Nursery School, or Workshop. If by doing so you can improve the local economy and provide positive forward business plan to show projected figures and opportunities, this will also help with your application.

3) Tourism Will the structure, which may be part of an overall plan, bring in income from outside visitors who, otherwise, would not be there. This could be a local new attraction. A fishing complex. An attraction for Children etc. Anything of this nature that has a direct positive influence to the local economy also helps with your application.

If you are looking for a Log Cabin that provides something more substantial than you would do well to take a good look at our “Large Log Cabin” range. There are currently 5 in the range showing superb internal design features. All with top of the range accessories. Here Logcabins.lv can also make to your specification based upon an initial plan.

Taking a closer look at the “Sussex” Large Log Cabin, you will see an “L” shaped building with traditionally styled raised Veranda with cross woven Bannisters. Beautiful large Double or triple glazed Windows providing maximum natural light throughout the property. At the rear of the property is a nicely designed rustic styled Porch to coincide with the Roof line.

There is another option of doing away with the veranda and replacing the front elevation with a nice large porch. Notice how different the property looks just by making an external colour change.

Internally there are superior floor options of tongue and groove pine flooring or parquet flooring, if preferred. Note the internal walls of superior Siberian pine. Extremely spacious rooms giving a luxurious feel. Note the added complete half round logged beams across the ceiling.

A centrally positioned fireplace with options of Gas, Electric or Wood burner, housed within a top-quality marble surround with other options available.

A simple open staircase leading to the upper floor maximises the usage of the ground floor area.

The internal doors are half glazed with beautifully shaped frames. The doors themselves made of high-quality timber crafted to meet the high standards of this superior property.

Finally the kitchen diner. A very spacious room giving access to a nice large refectory table, plenty of kitchen units for floor and wall. A nice long working area. A kitchen to be proud of. All in all, a magnificent property to give a lifetime’s pleasure.

If you are looking for a substantial property more on the lines of a Bungalow then take a look at the Large Log Cabin “Essex”. Here you have a building that really has that modern feel to it yet retains the charm of a Log cabin mixed with a fully tiles roof and picked out in a contrasting white trim to enhance the external decorative features. The windows are exquisite with the separate apex formed by leaded triangular shaped double-glazed units that really do bring this type of property into a class of its own.

When logcabins.lv first started out, the Garden Log Cabin range was pulled together forming what was then known as “The Standard” range. The standard was a very high standard and stood as a template for all the other Garden Log Cabins, Garden Offices, Insulated Log Cabins and Insulated offices and Residential Log Cabins throughout the complete range of products. The “Standard” range now comprises of 149 different types of Garden Log Cabins. All of them are affordable, cost effective and, above all, of the highest quality that Kevin insists upon.

There is something here to suit everyone. Quality Log Cabins at very affordable rates.

If you are keen on the more traditional approach of living in a Log Cabin then www.factorycabins.com have the answer by presenting to you a very select range of the “Scandinavian Log Cabin” style range that combines traditional Scandinavian design with modern living.

Just feast your eyes at the Scandinavian Log Cabin “K1” where you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a really chunky solid Log cabin that will last a lifetime. Notice the complete round logs serving as supports for the overhang together with the beautifully carved round log plinths at each corner. The squared off logs for the outer walls are again good sizeable thick well-seasoned, precision milled pine that add to the overall pleasing aesthetic appearance of this fantastic building. Whether single or two storeys, you can have a made to spec. traditional Scandinavian Log Cabin from www.factorycabins.com at a fraction of the price of bricks and mortar that can be built in a fraction of the time with no waste or mess to worry about afterwards. These tops of the range Scandinavian style log cabins are insulated throughout thus providing comfort and warmth throughout the year, however inclement the weather may be.

If you prefer an insulated Log Cabin, there are 34 Insulated Log Cabins to choose from. Whilst the majority of these are of a size that will be ideal for the Garden, they also have a place within the commercial environment where, either additional workspace is required due to expansion and/or speed is of the essence to build something quickly yet will last and look good once erected. The outside walls of the Insulated Log Cabins or Insulated Garden Offices are of the virtually impenetrable Siberian Larch. This is quality at its best where you can entertain and receive guests or clients with pride and confidence.

With the introduction of Siberian Larch into the Insulated Log Cabin range, it was found to be prudent to offer a range of “Siberian Larch Log Cabins”. Available with or without insulation, the Siberian Larch Log Cabins offering an alternative to horizontal interlocked outside walls, provide a refreshing change towards a clean conservative and business like appearance of vertical clad outer walls and structural internal pine for internal walls, floor and ceiling.

If you are looking for a family home to be built quickly and efficiently and you also want the best in terms of energy saving and eco friendliness then you would be wise to take a look at Logcabins.lv Sectional Buildings range of exquisite houses, some of which are the latest Passive homes offering state of the art insulation properties whereby minimal heat loss provides long retention of comfort, even in the coldest of winters. Passive house originated from Germany (Passivhaus). This refers to the rigorous standard set for energy efficiency by reducing its ecological footprint. A similar standard exists in Switzerland known as the MINERGIE-P standard. Besides residential buildings, this standard is extended to office buildings, schools, kindergartens and supermarkets.

The history behind this is that it originated from a conversation between two professors. Professor Bo adamson of Lund University in Sweden and Professor Wolfgang Feist of the institute of Wohnen and Umwelt (Institute of Housing and Environment) Germany.

The very first passive houses were built in Darmstadt in Germany in 1990 In September 1996 the Passivhaus-Institute was founded to promote and control these high standards. Since then thousands of Passive Houses have been built, most of which currently located in Germany and Austria.

After the concept was validated at Darmstadt where space heating 90% less than what was required in a standard new building at that time, the “Economic Passive Houses Working Group” was formed in 1996. This group initiated the need for particular components necessary to fulfil the criteria, notably the windows and the high efficiency ventilation.

During the winter of 2000-2001 the European Union sponsored the CEPHEUS project in 5 European Countries.

The first standardized prefabricated Passive House was built in Ireland in 2005 by a Swedish company

The basic requirements to meet the criteria of the European standard are 1) The building must be designed to have an annual heating demand as calculated with the Passivhaus Planning Package of no more than 15 kWh/m2 Per year(4746 btu/ft2 per year) in heating and 15 kWh/m2 per year cooling energy OR to be designed with a peak heat load of 10W/m2. 2) Total primary energy (source energy for electricity etc.) consumption (primary energy for heating, hot water and electricity) must not be more than (3.79 x 104 btu/ft2 per year. Logcabins.lv are proud to be one of the forerunners of Passive Housing in the UK.

Sectional buildings by nature are pre-cut with precision to form the outside framework. This is a very speedy and efficient building process and works particularly well for larger buildings, including hotels and large office areas etc. A variety of different cladding can then be applied to suit personal choice. Generally, the thinner reflective aluminium type insulation is used to maximize internal living space that could be taken away by having thick walls. The more modernistic choice is favoured here as opposed to the traditional Log Cabin approach. Either way, with good quality timber there is no reason why your sectional building should not last a lifetime with regular care and maintenance.

The downturn in the economy has also played its part in the garden building boom. Financial uncertainty has resulted in a reluctance to move house, with homeowners choosing to stay put and improve and/or extend properties. In some cases, this has led to the introduction of a garden building, whether used as a garden room, summerhouse or kids’ den.

Whatever type of garden room heating you choose, you must ensure that it has the capacity to heat the relevant space. It is important to maximise the power used to efficiently provide heat whilst minimising energy wastage using good insulation, timers and thermostats.

Bear in mind that these days having a comfortable warm outbuilding doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style with ugly, bulky and/or ineffective heating options. There is now a wide range of stylish, safe yet efficient electric heating solutions available.

A garden summerhouse can be designed for a variety of uses. Many families often use them for entertaining in the summertime, installing them with an outdoor kitchen and a comfortable area for guests to enjoy. They can be built in a variety of sizes for your needs and a twelve-foot by sixteen-foot summerhouse will give you enough space for a nice comfortable dining area, as well as an indoor cooking area in case of bad weather.

A garden summerhouse is a great way to transform your garden or backyard. They can also be a sound investment as they are in effect adding to the overall value of your property, by providing you with an extra room (or even rooms) in your house.

A summerhouse or garden room can be used for a wide range of activities ‘ to simply enjoy your garden, as storage for home and garden items, as a children’s playroom or as a home office and workshop. But with so many different types and styles of summerhouses on the market in the UK today, how do you choose which is suitable for you? .

There is a range of style options available for the door of your garden summerhouse. You can choose a glazed door to allow in as much natural light as possible or a non-glazed door to ensure privacy. You can choose from a single door or double doors which open wide to make the interior of the summerhouse part of your garden. There are various window options available too, which include different sizes and different ways of opening.

Again, the main use of your garden summerhouse will determine what style of windows and doors you choose.

It is best to plan where you will be situating this new garden building. You need to have a level area and it should be easy to access. You might want to consider its proximity to your house or if it overlooks the neighbours. It is best to mark the area where you will place the garden summerhouse. The location, size and use of the structure are vital factors in the overall construction process.

Regulations. You will need to check local rules and regulations to see if your intended plans will be allowed. Don’t forget to follow the electrical code and your building regulations when making your summerhouse as well.

There is no better finishing touch to your garden than a summerhouse. www.factorycabins.com has 16 Summer Houses to choose from. The design features go beyond the standard rectangular shaped Summerhouse and have a much-improved open aspect by moving into hexagonal type buildings. Once again, a leader www.factorycabins.com led by Kevin constantly pursues new avenues of improvement in design and innovation. Look at the Summer House 279 where you have a perfect octagonal shaped building providing substantial space within for recreation, dining or lounging about. A shingles roof to complete the build brings this Summer House to a quality that’s virtually incomparable.

A perfect example of such innovation is seen in the Insulated Caravans lv range. Here is a representation of the ultimate passive house static caravan, providing maximum peripheral vision coupled with strength, security, economy and virtually zero energy wastage. If you are looking for a clean-living experience and eco-friendliness at its best. you really need to take a closer look at this exquisite creation.


Not being satisfied with that, Kevin felt that having enhanced a garden with a Summer House or a Garden Office, a perfect complement would be a decent looking Gazebo. The LogCabins.lv Gazebos are beautiful solid structures that are poles apart from the general commercial Gazebo that is sold as a cheap flat pack.

The Logcabin.lv Gazebos have a variety of options including roof choices of natural thatch, shingles, or roof tiles. In addition, the actual body shapes can be hexagonal, octagon or even decagon. The shape of the roofing tends towards being circular and the general appearances can vary enormously which makes for a nice wide choice to suit nearly any garden or poolside or a corner within an hotel complex.

These days almost anyone can own a garden gazebo, and assemble a garden gazebo in the backyard, garden gazebo kits offer the beauty of a wooden gazebo, many gazebos are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from Victorian and Amish styles to small to party size in diameter. Garden owners can purchase a garden gazebo kit and build their own gazebo by themselves, the kits can range in price and in quality, but the concept of DIY and the average low price allows almost anyone to experiment and enjoy his own garden gazebo.

The huge advantage wood garden gazebos have is that they fit into a garden naturally, adding natural wooden quality that accents and compliments any garden. If you plan on purchasing a wooden garden gazebo, you will probably have to decide between pine or cedar wood. While pine is more affordable, cedar is less prone to rot.

Outdoor gazebos are a beautiful addition to any property and choosing to put a gazebo in your backyard is a great means of increasing the pleasure you get from being outdoors. Garden gazebos are a wonderful way to entertain outside. Not only are garden gazebos something that can be enjoyed by every member of your family and plenty of your friends, but you’ll also be significantly increasing the value of your home. With our beautiful Australian weather, attractive and well-designed outdoor areas are highly regarded on the real estate market.

If you enjoy having friends over and you love the outdoors, then you’re probably no stranger to the backyard Barbie! But not everyone has a covered patio, and weather can be temperamental. With a gazebo your party will never be rained out again! Outdoor entertaining and dining areas are perhaps the most popular way to enjoy gazebos, and if this is what you’re after then you will probably want to look for garden gazebos that are large enough to seat 4-6 people underneath them without feeling crowded. To give you a reference point, 300cm x 300cm is a great size because it gives you enough room to fit a medium-sized table plus plenty of seating. If you choose a gazebo any smaller than 250cm x 250cm, you’re likely to regret it at some point and wish you had more space.

Wooden gazebos are usually located in the garden or another location that’s surrounded by beautiful landscaping. Before building your gazebo, make sure the location you select is large enough to allow it to have enough space. Its location should also highlight your own personal style.

Brief Overview of Gazebos The origin of the gazebo is based on Persian and Chinese culture that is why some gazebos are inspired with pagoda kiosk designs and pavilion styles. Today, gazebos come in different designs, both contemporary and modern. There are also add-ons that can be installed such as ceiling fans and pendant lights. Cushions can also be an option for added comfort and convenience.

Standalone gazebos are beautiful, but perhaps your design works the project into other landscaping things such as the patio, alongside the pool or an outdoor deck. Review your plans one more time before building to confirm the design is what you want. A fire pit or hot tub personalises the structure, but also must reflect your lifestyle. If you will never use either one, consider something different. Creativity will give you a remarkable unique design regardless of your allotted budget.

Do you have children? A gazebo makes a fun kid’s playhouse. Position the gazebo just slightly off to the side of the house so you can keep an eye on the kids. Fill it with big pillows, a small table and chairs and a throw rug.

Transform your garden gazebo into a potting shed by equipping it with a potting bench, seed packs, foliage, interesting containers, and all your favourite garden tools.

It’s always refreshing to position your gazebo close to water if you can. For example, near a swimming pool, a pretty pond, a rushing waterfall, or a trickling fountain so you can gaze out at the tranquil blue water and soak in its soulful sound.

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Do You Need Planning Permission? – Although in most cases planning permission is not needed to erect gazebo canopies there are exceptions to this. For example, if you live in a conservation area or if you intend to erect a large one that measures over a certain square footage you may need to seek out planning permission. If you are unsure then speak to your local authority planning office.

Take a look at the varieties that are available to you. Additional fabric roll down walls to act as waterproof barriers, Open aspects, Timber half-clad walls.
Made to spec shaped furniture for the dining areas. Accompanying “Wishing Wells”. There is so much that you can do with a Gazebo and www.factorycabins.com will be only too pleased to help you make the right choice best for your project.



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